Green Lotus Wellness Center

Green Lotus Wellness Center

Holistic Wellness and Anti-Aging...

Nurturing All Aspects of the Body 

WELCOME! My name is Keri Berardinelli, and I am here to help you start a more holistic way of thought and everyday living.

I have been in business for nine years, offering various holistic health products and services. I specialize in detoxification therapies, digestive wellness, and skin health, approaching your care from a holistic school of thought, not discounting the power of FEELING. How you feel about yourself and others affects your relationship with yourself and your own health!

As an Advanced-Level Colon Hydrotherapist, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Yoni Steam Practitioner, and Licensed Aesthetician, I focus on women's health, detox protocols, and adjunct detox therapies to assist in the miraculous transformation process: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


  • Closed-In Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Enemas with Coffee or Essential Oils 
  • Yoni Steaming 

  • Infrared Sauna
  • Ear Candling

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Always Here to Serve You 

With more than 21 years of experience in the spa and alternative health industry, I offer only the best for my clients. Count on me to continue the excellent work that I have been providing in the years to come. Get in touch with me today!


“I started working with Keri in 2013.  I was having health issues and was afraid for my health, as I was posed with a serious illness.  I thought it made sense to first change my diet and over-all lifestyle and was looking for a good resource and support to learn more natural approaches in order to feel better and to have more control of my health.  After talking with Keri on the phone, I felt that I was on the right track.  I decided to go on her six-month health coaching program, meeting with her once per month for six months.

My life was forever changed for the better.  I started to feel more in control of my life and health and I learned that diet does matter.  It has had a great impact on how I feel and my body displays less symptoms. Three years later, I feel such a big difference for myself and my family. My pain (from RA) is manageable and I have the tools to feel better.  My weight is stable, actually I’ve lost weight, and can keep it off.  My personal journey, through Keri’s knowledge and support, has opened my eyes to a better, more fulfilled lifestyle. “

Melissa Gruden, 38 yrs

Professional Mommy

Owner of Melissa’s Delectable Delights

"I first started working with Keri in January 2015.  At the time, I was fed up with conventional, western medicine, as it wasn't working for me.  I was at a hectic time in my life, married, with three active boys and I had forgotten the holistic self-care that I was accustomed to when I lived in CA for 20 years.  Something happened that reminded me of this "back-pocket" tool of holistic modalities, so I then picked up the phone, as Keri had been referred to me months back.  I'm so glad today that I made this call. Through colonics and her nurturing support, I learned to become more cognizant of my diet and the quality of the food that I was eating on a daily basis. I learned to listen to my body and no longer felt so disconnected and helpless.  Further, I felt that my new lifestyle approach was an act of self-love; I embraced the time that I set aside with Keri as "me" time and that I deserved this time to feel better.  I frequently told my family, "I will not miss this appointment" and they got it.  I'm forever grateful."

Leslie Mongelluzzi, 52 yrs.

Professional Mommy

Professional Positive Psychology Coach