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It is suggested, before implementing specialized enemas (and colonics) into your wellness regimen, to be on a nutrient-dense diet plan that entails juicing and whole foods.  A diet of processed foods and "excess" will produce less-than optimal results. See our Foods to Assist Form and Additional Resources... Otherwise, start with Just Water...scroll to the bottom to view the Water Enema with TGEO...

Importance of Probiotics

Probiotic literally means "pro life" and these are the tiny bacteria that inhabit our intestinal tract, providing us a symbiotic, health-promoting relationship.  The probiotic used in this enema is the Bifidobacterium bifidum strain which inhabits the walls of the colon.  These bacteria help to balance the pH of the colon, weeding out pathogens and promoting regularity. The Bifido strain also produces certain key vitamins and amino acids for health. This enema is suggested after a series of three session to assist in re-establishing
good flora in the colon.
"Antibiotic use drastically decreases B. bifidum population, as does everyday environmental factors. But with so many environmental toxins like pesticides and foods loaded with artificial sugars, adults and children alike need a supplement to maintain the best possible health. Unfortunately, today it’s tough to keep probiotic levels in your gut stable. Antibiotics, illness, artificial sugar, and pesticides can kill off those friendly gut bacteria and let killer germs like C. diff. take up residence, leading to a common illness called ‘antibiotic-associated diarrhea’ (AAD).That’s why it’s important to supply probiotics into your intestines."  --Dr. Edward Group

Coffee Enema $60

The coffee enema is an accessory to your colonic experience as a means of effective detoxification via the liver.  The liver is the body’s main organ for detoxification and supporting its natural mechanism of detox is integral to health and the reversal of “dis-ease”. The basic concept and origin of coffee enemas date back to the early 1900’s and are well-documented in medical journals, up until the boom of the “high-tech” age and the use of pharmaceutical drugs.  Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Dr. Donald Kelley and Dr. Patrick Vickers, are three excellent educators and supporters of coffee enemas.  I encourage my clients to do their own research, look up these resources and decide for themselves if this therapy is right for them. 

At Green Lotus Wellness Center, the coffee enema is done prior to the colonic.  Only organic, properly roasted coffee is used to deliver optimal results.  Disposable enema bags are used for sanitation purposes and the coffee is brewed in stainless steel cooking pots.

The benefits of implementing a coffee enema prior to your colonic are as follows, according to the doctors mentioned above:

  •          Stimulates liver detoxification
  •          Astringent to the colon

  •          Produces Glutathione S-Transferase, a powerful detox scavenger

  •          Dialysis for the blood

  •          Stimulates the liver and bile ducts to open, dumping toxins into the digestive tract to be eliminated

  •          A means for disposing unwanted, harmful toxins quickly out of the body

  •          Relaxing to the nervous system producing feelings of calmness

  •         Relaxes the nervous system to prepare the colon for elimination

  •          Administration of the colonic post-enema, allows for a more complete detox; while the liver is excreting waste, the colon is fully eliminating, as a colonic cleanses the entire bowel and not only the lower bowel portion.

  •          Coffee enemas are excellent for skin rejuvenation, as the skin is one of the first organs to show signs of liver/bowel congestion


We use S.A. Wilson's Organic Coffee recommended by the famous Gerson Institute.



Coffee Enema Instruction 

Since coffee enemas are meant to be done in a sequence of sessions, depending on the individual and their targeted goals, Green Lotus Wellness Center offers a Coffee Enema Instruction. What's included in this 75 minute session is step-by-step instructions, where you are walked through doing a coffee enema at home, a coffee enema given to you in the office, along with, your take-home enema bucket, strap, 1 pound of coffee and various educational and instructional literature to keep you on-track. 

Water Enemas  (Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils)

Water Enemas, with added therapeutic-grade essential oils, are an excellent method of moving excess congestion out of the colon.  This type of enema  is perfect for those individuals whose diet mostly consists of processed and refined foods, devoid of fiber, hydration or nutrients and a diet that is rich in dairy, poor quality fats and meat products.  This type of diet creates putrefaction in the colon, which inhibits its proper functioning and movement (peristalsis), leaving you feeling sluggish, full, bloated, constipated, mentally cloudy and irritable. Any other bodily symptoms you display may become exacerbated under these conditions. The reasons these symptoms occur is because you are holding on to, rather than, eliminating these harmful toxins from your bowel. Implementing a water enema prior to the colonic will allow for a more complete cleanse and a more beneficial and comfortable colonic. The therapeutic-grade essential oils are cleansing, detoxifying and immune boosting and will add to the efficacy of the enema.