Green Lotus Wellness Center

Green Lotus Wellness Center

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June Wellness Special 

Naval Candling with Womb Massage Stimulation followed by Colon Hydrotherapy $149.00* USE CODE: JUNESPECIAL - Reg. Price $174.00 (90 minute service)

Naval Candling will prepare the process of colon cleansing by warming and stimulating the abdomen; by opening the Qi of the chakras: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. Naval Candling is amazingly relaxing so you may drift off to sleep, which facilitates in  preparing your body for elimination. The Womb Massage will further relax and prepare your body for release, with the use of manually-skilled hands and the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

Colon Hydro-therapy is for everyone who is a part of modern-day living.  It is highly beneficial to open up the colon through hydration and the release of excess, toxic waste. The benefits of Colon Hydro-therapy are many and are reflective to the individual, however, you will initially feel better, lighter, more acutely aware, yet relaxed. You will probably sleep deeply and well and your body will carry less burden. 

Consider experiencing in this beautiful synergy of Ancient Healing for its awesome rejuvenation of your body. 

We are taking appointments now. Schedule your appointment starting June 1 through June 30th. Payment is to be paid in advance, via on-line scheduling, to hold and confirm your chosen appointment time. Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation via your cell phone or email. 

*For all new clients: this special includes assessment for contra-indications, but does not discuss past lifestyle, future health goals or professional suggestions for support. If you need added health coaching in reaching your wellness goals, please opt to schedule a 30-minute consultation (minimum) in addition to these services.  THANK YOU!