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Invest in your health and self-image for long-term longevity, energy and self-confidence. Taking control of your wellness, holistically, valuing the mental, emotional, and physical YOU is an empowering journey. Get ready! 

Colon Hydrotherapy $99 and up

At Green Lotus Wellness Center, we use a "closed-in" FDA-registered colonic device.  When choosing a closed-system, you are choosing to have your therapist with you for the entire duration of your therapy. You are choosing a certain level of expertise and personal guidance that is gentle and educational, as you will have your own coach at your side to guide you through the entire process of cleansing, monitoring your progress, assisting you with breathing techniques, restoration massage, aromatherapy and teaching you about the power of 'letting go'. 

Aromatherapy (Included in your Therapy)

At Green Lotus Wellness Center, we use aromatherapy to assist your body in re-balancing; physically and emotionally. The essential oils are used aromatically and topically to support your session on a physical, emotional and energetic level. 

Gastrointestinal health

The Power of Essential Oils 

Essential oils are the volatile liquids extracted from plants, such as their seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers and fruits. The oils of the plant are the plant's essence and keep the plant healthy and resistant. Essential oils were man's first medicine, which is an important fact to consider. 

Essential oils are potent antioxidants and effective immune system supporters. They are detoxifying, regenerating, oxygenating and stimulating, serving as chemical messengers for the body, prompting your body's innate intelligence to re-balance itself. In addition, they are multi-functional and adaptive to what the body needs at the time, but have the ability to be active in the body for up to a week's time. 

Young Living essential oils and flowers

Elemental Reflexology $25 and up 

An adapted form of reflexology, Elemental Reflexology has its roots in Ayurvedic Medicine and Polarity Therapy. Ancient reflexology is based on the Chi/Prana (life force) in the body along energetic pathways, meridians, and/or zones. These pathways, meridians, and/or zones are invisible channels of energy connecting to major body organs via the nervous system.

When an energetic blockage occurs, physical and/or emotional imbalances can occur. Reflexology allows the pathways to open and flow fully, bringing balance to the body as a whole. As the energetic blockages are released, detoxification occurs as waste products are released on a cellular level.

As a supportive therapy to colon hydrotherapy, we suggest adding on to your colon hydrotherapy service with a 15 - minute elemental reflexology.

Far Infrared Sauna $40 (30-40 minute session)

Cleanse and detoxify your body by merely sweating! Far infrared sauna is an important piece to any detoxification/cleansing program as it is gentle, relaxing, and can be implemented daily. It is indicated for:

  • Detoxification/Cleansing Programs
  • Heavy Metal Detox (Chelation)
  • Immune System Support
  • Colds/Sinus/Allergies
  • Pre/Post-Colonic Treatment
  • Pre/Post-Bodywork
  • Skin Vitality
  • Circulation

  • Releases Stress
  • Weight Loss Management
  • Anti-Aging

Reiki....Reiki will soon be incorporated as a requested add-on to your colonic service. 

Ear Candling $35 and Up

Ear candling is an ancient, non-invasive therapy designed to remove wax, fluid, and other debris and toxins from the ear canal. It has a narcotic effect that is completely relaxing.

The process involves lighting a spiral candle at the wide end and fitting it snugly within the ear canal. The negative charge of the smoke seeks out positive-charged debris and toxins within the ear, which creates a polarity effect. The fire serves as the vacuum, drawing debris up into the candle.

Ear candling is indicated for:

  • Ear Aches and Pressure
  • Itching in the Ears
  • Sinus Pressure Due to Allergies and Colds

  • Headaches
  • Limited Hearing Due to Wax Buildup
  • Pain Relief From Post Dental Work and TMJ