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Ancient Yoni Steaming

Ancient Yoni Steaming (a.k.a. Vaginal Steaming, V-Steam, or Peri-Steam Hydrotherapy) is a form of hydrotherapy and a cleansing bath for our most treasured and sacred Yoni (Womb/Vagina). Yoni is a Sanskrit word that translates to "Sacred Opening" or "Womb." The Yoni Steam is a natural and gentle method of maintaining womb wellness and balance and has been historically used to cleanse the uterus, release toxins and strengthen and tone the reproductive organs, especially after child birth. 

Organic herbal infusions, from Mother Earth, flow into the vaginal canal via warm steam, as you sit over a low stool with an opening allowing entry into your vaginal canal and uterus. Your modesty is upheld during the duration, as you are draped in beautifully patterned robes for the full 40 minutes of steaming.

Yoni Steam benefits:

  * Reduces Stress 

  * Meditative

  * Balances the Chakras

  * Heals the Womb Space After Birth

  * Releases Trauma

  * Increase Energy and Reduce Fatigue

  * Strengthens the Uterus

  * Tones the Vagina

  * Relief of Abdominal Bloating

  * Relief of Hemorrhoids, PCOS, 

     endometriosis, fibroids, yeast 

     infections, or UTIs

  * Reduces Menstrual Symptoms

  * Increases Fertility, Pleasure of 

     Orgasms, and Libido

  * Help the Transition into Menopause

  * Celebrates Your Inner Goddess

Using the organic herbs of Mother Earth to cleanse the uterus, release toxins and strengthen and tone the reproductive organs, Green Lotus' Yoni Steam can be customized to meet the needs of each client in a relaxing, full sensory experience. Allow this time for self-care to focus on your breath, set intentions and honor your inner Goddess. 

We have the candles and incense ready to go - come relax with us!

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Moon Club members receive the following EACH MONTH:

  * 1 Yoni Steam with custom-blended herbs just for your needs

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