Green Lotus Wellness Center

Green Lotus Wellness Center

Holistic Wellness and Anti-Aging...

Fresh Grace Wellness

Vitality Living with a Refreshed New Beginning 

I felt called to the name "Fresh Grace Wellness," and with it came the wonderful experience of wanting to cleanse and refresh my total being. Now I work to bring that total sense of well-being to you, to support you in your own self-care journey. 

Peace, Harmony, Joy, and TOTAL relaxation. Embrace it all. Rejuvenation...It's YOU.

Healthy and Natural Services & Products

Individual Services Available By Appointment: 

Colon Hydrotherapy: Closed Unit, Therapist Present $99

Candling: Ear or Navel $55

Castor Oil Wraps $55

Infrared Sauna $40

Yoni Steam / V-Steam $65

45-Mins. Consultation, Tour of Office: $40

Young Living Essential Oils Consultant #14368152
Start Living Healthier Today

Evening appointments available

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
4:15 - 7pm (last appointment start time)

Select Saturdays - 10-2 by appointment

Call (440.638.9324) or email ([email protected]to schedule today!