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Purium 10-Day Cleanse Transformation 

When you embark on this journey of "self-care," "alternative wellness care," or a "holistic approach to living," it can feel like you've gone down a deep rabbit hole, understandably. There is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming. In my experience, I can see that people truly need an easy, systematic approach to resetting and cleansing their bodies from the array of toxins that we are exposed to everyday, but the "easy" also needs to be done safely, with organic, whole-food nutrition.

Green Lotus Wellness Center has done the research for you. We have partnered with a premium company, Purium.
Purium, along with Green Lotus Wellness Center, share in the same passions and values of wellness care - for ourselves, our families and the planet as a whole.

Purium is a non-GMO, organic food-based company, who make the purest whole-food supplements, on the naturopathic belief that the body can heal itself. Utilizing organic superfoods and healing herbs comprises our formulas, allowing them to be bioavailable and biocompatible to the body, with no isolates, fillers, excipients or other questionable additives that only put added stress on the body's systems. If one is looking to cleanse the body's systems, purity and quality are a MUST!

Whether you want to cleanse your body systems, give rest to an over-stressed gut, re-balance and detoxify the microbiome of the gut, lose weight, redefine and build muscle in the body while cleansing, reverse the clock a bit (anti-aging), balance out the emotional body, build stamina, energy and strength in the body, OR support your body ultimately while under-going your colonic therapy treatments, then this 10-Day Cleanse Transformation is a program for you!

Our 10-Day Cleanse Transformation is offered to all new clients at a reasonable discount. Contact our office for more information.

Please watch the video below for a brief introduction to the 10-Day Cleanse Transformation! The proof is in its efficacy and will see! Please contact and speak to Keri Berardinelli for additional information to get started on your journey.